Ahh, the art of seduction. It really is an art. And many men fancy themselves artists, but surely you can’t all be Van Gogh. When it the last time you actually seduced a woman?

These women told us what makes any women ask for more. Whether you think you are an expert or not, it’s always good to remember what women appreciate in bed.

We spoke with ten women who told us what – really – turns them on.

“Striptease. But it must be sensual, no jokes! It’s so good to watch my partner showing off his body just for me.” – G.A., 28 years old


“On the first date it’s nice if the guy acts according to our vibe. When the woman is shy it’s important to move slower, in a soft and tender way. But if she is hornier, he should move on without holding back!” – N.O.F., 28 years old


“It’s awesome when a guy offers you sex toys. Why should we always be the ones who buy this stuff?” – C.H.S, 31 years old


“No woman can resist an erotic massage. That one that goes from head to toe, really slowly, you know? It drives us crazy!” – M.P., 33 years old


“Having sex in unusual places. Start warming up in a public space, where no one is watching but there is a chance that someone shows up. Adrenaline is a great libido booster.” – J.M.O., years old


“Holding off ejaculation. When it’s good, why should we hurry? You notice the guy penetrating you deeply and about to come, and then he suddenly slows down and starts it over again.” – R.A., years old


“I love guys who speak during sex. Who call me hot, compliment my performance, ask what they want me to do, and whisper. What could be better than knowing that you are giving him pleasure?” – D.D.S., years old


“Oral sex is the ultimate turn on for me, for sure! He must know how to alternate between soft and hard tongue, relaxed kisses, suction, and pay attention to what I respond better to. That always works.”, A.C.R., years old


“Amateur porn movies. The professional ones are a turn off sometimes, because they are very artificial. But when he chooses some amateur movies, the ones you find on the internet, we watch it and touch ourselves and it’s so good.” – N.G., 31 years old


“Once I dated a guy who took me to a motel room and we showered together. I have never thought that receiving a soft massage with a washcloth, warm water and some body wash through the hands of a man would make me so horny.” – T.M., 28 years old

Wow, so now that you’ve got some inspiration. Seduce her!
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