So, things have gotten boring in the bedroom, and you wanna get that spark back in your relationship. Hey, no biggie — it happens to every couple. We encourage you to experiment and get creative in the bedroom… including bringing the sexy out of your bedroom doors by sharing a naughty picture with your special somebody (or somebodies… the more, the merrier!).

Whether your sex life is great or not, sharing intimate photos and videos with your partner is an exciting way for you two to get your freak on. There are oh so many ways you can get creative, tease, and please your partner when you are not together. Here’s why you should do it:

1. It creates sexual tension – maybe for later?

People like to chase — it’s in our nature, we want what we can’t have. If your partner receives your sexy photos while they’re away from you, they’ll want it (and you) more. It’s an exciting, different type of fun — they can’t touch the picture or video, which makes it all more exciting, exhilarating, and devious. This can build sexual tension until you see your partner again… when you both surrender to your naked pleasure!

2. It lets your partner know you trust them

If you are sending naked pictures to someone, you are hoping (or not — we don’t judge) they won’t show them to anyone, that it’s only for their eyes. And if you receive a naked pic, you also hope your S.O. isn’t showing anyone else. Sure, you could both show them to others*, but the fact that you trust each other not to is HUGE.

*NOTE: Don’t show anyone naked pics of other people without consent. That’s a very bad idea and just plain messed up.

3. It pleases your partner

Everyone needs a little spice and seasoning in their life, especially when things get old and boring. Imagine receiving a naughty, titillating picture of your partner while you’re in the middle of a long meeting at work, or a boring lecture at school. Wouldn’t that excite and please you? Wouldn’t that get you going? Now, imagine the same for your partner, then just do it — they’ll thank you for it with fun and pleasure when they get home.

Remember, it’s up to you and your partner to entertain each other — if someone else is doing it, then that’s a problem!

4. It keeps everything fresh

Don’t be like all those boring couples you hear about from movies, comedy routines, and even your own friends. Make a choice, right now, to live the sex life you deserve to, and start sending those pics! Now, don’t overdo it to the point of killing the novelty — that defeats the whole purpose of sending these suckers to begin with! But if you send just enough, at certain times… you’ll keep your sex life fresh, hot, and excitingly unpredictable.

So… what now?

Now, you’re probably thinking “That sounds great, but where can I share these pics?” You obviously don’t want to post them to a regular social network (hi, grandma!), and while you could just text them to your partner, what if their phone gets stolen? You need an easy, fun, and (most importantly) safe place for you to share your nekkid pics.

That’s where Sexlog comes in! It’s the perfect platform for you and your partner to share each other’s sexy photos, and get inspired to try other spicy things — see for yourself by signing up for a free, no-risk trial today.