Fifty Shades of Grey has been one of the sexier, and pretty much unavoidable, topics of conversation for a while now.

First the popular erotic romantic novel trilogy had women everywhere daydreaming about being spanked. Then the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie brought those fantasies to the big screen. And now the latest book from E.L. James, Grey: Fifty Shade of Grey as Told by Christian, has some women in a tizzy and others in an uproar. Plus, there was also that whole #AskELJames fiasco.

But regardless of your stance on this Fifty Shades phenomenon, you and your partner can benefit from all this buzz! How you may ask? Well by spicing things up in the sack of course!

Sex can get routine and sometimes even boring (yikes!) over time. Adding in some kink, might be just what the doctor ordered. Let’s explore some Fifty Shades inspired things that you and your partner can try…

Draw up a contract and let the negotiations begin

At the very core of a Dominant and submissive relationship is the contract. This contract outlines the terms of their relationship, as well as the hard and soft limits.

Now there’s no need to take this all too seriously. It’s not like this stuff is legally binding. Just discussing sex and the things you’d like to try with your partner can be really exciting! You want to put it on paper? Even better.

You can write these fantasies out like a Fifty Shades Dom/sub style contract or even just as a super sexy checklist of things to try. Take turns adding different things you want to try with your partner, and then begin negotiating. You may find out that your partner has turn-ons that you never even knew about!

Master/slave role-playing

Will you be the Dominant or the submissive one? Why don’t you try both?

You and your partner can try Master and slave role-playing to really spice things up. Pick a night for you to be the Master and another night to play slave.

The slave can be restrained with handcuffs, or even rope, or spreader bars. Don’t forget the blindfold! Then experiment with different sensations. Feather ticklers, hot wax, cold ice, and pinwheels, are just a few of the things you can use to “torture” your slave with.

Pain can be pleasurable

Spanking can be very erotic. Is that something you or your partner might enjoy?

Start off using just your hand, and then you can graduate to more serious items. Paddles, floggers, whips, and riding crops, are all great instruments for inflicting the most pleasurable types of pain. Also, add in some hair pulling, for good measure.

When experimenting with S&M please be sure discuss a safe word with your partner ahead of time. The safe word is used to indicate that things have gone too far. If it is said, all play should stop immediately.

Make your very own Red Room

Okay fine, so maybe you’re not as wealthy as Christian Grey, and maybe you can’t afford to have an entire room dedicated to BDSM play. Or maybe you can, and in that case – go for it!

There are plenty of items you can purchase to make your regular old bedroom, even more sexy. Why don’t you stash a chest full of all kinds of goodies? Fill it with vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, and some of those paddles we mentioned. Make sure it’s big enough so that you can keep adding to your collection.

Experimenting with textures can also add instant sex appeal to any space. Satin, velvet, and lace are all very sensual fabrics. Some silky sheets can instantly boost libidos.

If you have extra storage space you can also get cushions or inflatables that help to enhance different sex positions.

Try out some of these fun and sexy ideas with your partner, or find a partner to experiment with right here at Sexlog!