Flowers, chocolates, overpriced pre-fixe dinners.. Valentine’s Day is definitely a holiday geared towards women. And as much as we love celebrating love, we’re not all that disappointed that it’s behind us now. But what about the men? Steak & BJ Day is the holiday that brings an end to this unfairness.

Yep, you heard right! There is a holiday, celebrated on March 14th, called Steak & BJ Day. And yes, the “BJ” most definitely stands for blowjob. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been nationally recognized yet, but we believe it damn sure should be.

So mark your calendars ladies, and if your Valentine did the right thing on February 14th, it’s time to show your appreciation! It’s important to note that if your partner did not do the right thing on Valentine’s Day you are more than welcome to skip out on celebrating this awesome holiday.

How is this holiday properly celebrated you ask? It’s simple, just cook your man a steak and give him a blowjob. It doesn’t have to necessarily be in that order, or only once during the day either. We also give you permission to improvise and take him out to his favorite steakhouse, provided you’re picking up the check.

Check out The Official Steak & BJ Day Website for some printable cards (since Hallmark is clearly slacking), funny videos, blowjob tips, and more.