Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’s never a bad time to improve your oral technique. Way more than just a few tongue movements, oral sex might very well be the key to a woman’s pleasure. Touching women the right way drives them crazy, but men usually seem confused when it comes to oral sex.

There are many tutorials explaining what women like down there. The truth is that every woman is different, and what they enjoy can vary. Experiment with different techniques and see what she responds to the most. Communication is really the key to mastering oral sex.

If you’re a single male, you may your chances to communicate with the fairer sex about cunnilingus sparse. But don’t worry! We spoke with some women and found out what they prefer when your mouth is down there. Read up and take notes!

“I like it when he switches the way his tongue moves depending on the moment and on my reaction. Slow and strong circle movements combined with quick and tender licks… It’s just great!” – Gabriela P., 30 years old


“When he sucks me softly and then lightly blows some air… Oh, it drives me crazy!”  – Manuela L., 22 years old


“It drives me crazy when he stops penetrating me and quickly goes down on me, tasting all the honey from my pussy. After I come, he goes back to penetrating me really hard. Oral sex is not just for foreplay.” – Rosana M., 25 years old


“When he realizes that he found the perfect spot to give me pleasure, he should stay there until I come. I don’t like when he keeps switching from one spot to the other because it takes longer to achieve a decent orgasm. It’s good to switch, but when you get the party started it isn’t a good strategy to walk away from it.” – Valéria S., 33 years old.


“It’s important for me to be kissed before going direct to the point. He could kiss my belly, the part of it just around my belly button, my inner thighs… It just doesn’t work for me when he goes directly there too fast. It looks like he wants to get over with it soon.” – Fabiana T., 28 years old.

Who has any additional tips so men can get it right from now on? Ladies, do your entire gender a solid — comment below!