With sexy women, strip clubs, swingers destinations and more! In honor of our launch here in the US and Canada, here are our top ten choices when it comes to cities that really know how to get down and dirty!

10. Toronto, Ontario

The largest city in Canada, also happens to be one of the country’s best party cities. Well, there’s no surprise there — Canadians know how to party! With a wealth of electronic clubs and plenty of live music, you won’t be hard pressed to find a place to shake it until dawn. Feeling extra frisky? How about checking out Oasis Aqualounge, a water themed upscale-swingers club. Seriously, check out the link, and start pricing out flights now.

9. Seattle, Washington

Boasting plenty of live music venues, jazz clubs, nightclubs, and sports bars, Seattle’s nightlife scene is pretty impressive. Don’t get up too early to check out the space needle! Sleepless in Seattle can refer to more than just the movie, because if you’re in Seattle it’s probably going to be a late night!

8. Austin, Texas

Known for its music scene, and also known for its college population, Austin is a great place to party. If you’re young or young at heart head over to the Sixth Street. Looking to really kick things into high gear? Check out the swingers scene at PlayersATX, where lush lifestyle offerings will have you considering moving there for good!

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras, and that alone should be enough to score a spot on this list. Still, even when it’s far from Fat Tuesday, The Big Easy still knows how to keep the party going. In early July they’ll be hosting the annual swinger lifestyle convention Naughty in N’awlins. With over 1000 sex-positive guests attending, it’s sure to be a good time!

6. Omaha, Nebraska

Just kidding! We’re about to get into our serious party picks now, so we needed to make sure you’re paying attention. But if you find yourself in Omaha, please pick us up some steaks! Now, let’s get back to business…

6. Chicago, Illinois

Forget about the deep dish pizza. Okay okay, have some pizza first! Then burn off those calories dancing the night away. Our recommendation for the perfect Chicago night? Dinner at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria followed by drinks at Rec Room. Treat your tummy right and then party the night away in retro glam fashion. The Windy City is sure to earn a special place in your heart.

5. Montreal, Québec

Many may not know about the party potential of this Canadian locale, but it’s actually home to an impressive bilingual nightlife scene. Plus, the legal drinking age here is 18, so all of the locals get a head start on liver damage. Be sure to check out the fun being had at Super Sexe, if a gentleman’s club is what you crave. Looking for something even more adventurous? Head to L’Orage swingers club and really create some memories!

4. Los Angeles, California

Rubbing shoulders with celebrities is standard in LA. Here all the wannabe actresses are disguised as waitresses by day and then hit the swankiest clubs hoping to get their “big break” by night. Want to party like a rockstar? Put on your Ray-Bans and head to The Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard. It’s probably too dark for you to see anything inside the club, but hey, at least you look cool.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

With nicknames like Fabulous Las Vegas, Sin City, and The Entertainment Capital of the World, there’s no question about it, this city was built for partying. Plus, prostitution is legal here! The strip is filled with mega clubs that host world famous DJs day and night. Not to mention all of the opulent casinos and strip clubs. Feeling a little more low key? There are plenty of amazing shows to see. The whole city is really just one big adult playground.

2. Miami, Florida

Miami is known for its nightlife, as it very well should be. Big shots flock from all over the globe to drop obscene amounts of money at Miami’s hottest clubs. Plus Costco sized strip clubs like Tootsie’s and King of Diamonds make sure that you’re covered if you’re in the mood for some adult entertainment. Is a swingers club more your idea of adult fun? Check out Miami Velvet and live out your fantasies!

1. New York, New York

Everyone loves New York, especially New Yorkers. New York City has a staggering amount of venue choices when it comes to getting boozed up. If you’re in the know, the city that never sleeps is where it’s at. With after hours spots (both legal and illegal) all over the five boroughs, the 4am curfew clearly doesn’t cut it for many. Plus swingers love to travel, and NYC is a popular swingers destination for sure. If you’re in town and in the mood to see what a NYC sex club is all about, be sure to check out Bowery Bliss. This 3-story pleasure palace is Manhattan’s largest on-premise swingers club!

Did your favorite party city not make the cut? Tell us about it in the comments below…