So, you want to spice up your sexy times. That’s great! But maybe you’re not comfortable busting out the rope and whip, or bringing another person into the mix. That’s fine — you can try role-playing instead! Role-playing is when you pretend to be someone or somewhere else — remember how you used to play pretend, as a kid? It’s kind of like that. Play time, for grown-ups.

What’s really cool about role-playing is that it allows you to act out certain fantasies you or your partner might have with each other. You don’t even need to dress up (though it helps!), as just acting out different scenarios can make it feel real. So put on your acting caps, people, and try re-enacting some of these common fantasies:

Class Time!

Who here hasn’t had a hot teacher? If you or your partner were not allowed to “have fun” when you were in school, why not bring the teacher home? Ask your partner to wear teacher clothes (business clothes work well here), carry a textbook, and if she’s a woman, wear glasses.

Sex with a stranger?

Why not pretend you don’t know each other? This may sound weird, but if you can both pretend, this is one of the hottest scenarios to act out. Start texting her, then ask her if she would like to have a “first date” at some good restaurant, and take it from there!

Classic Strip Tease

Have you ever watched “Striptease” or “Magic Mike?” If you liked them, you probably should ask your partner if they’d like to learn some dance moves. There are a lot of strip tease tutorials on YouTube, as well as real-life classes. A striptease dance in your own bedroom — can you imagine anything sexier?


You’ve been a good student, right? Maybe you haven’t, and need a spanking. Well, get yourself to a sex shop, buy the uniform, and don’t forget to do your homework! (Ruler optional for whoever’s playing the teacher).

“You have an important appointment, sir…”

Many men fantasize about secretaries. If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to bring the office home. Even better, your partner can surprise you when you come home after a long day of work.

A fireman, a cop or even a sailor

This one’s for the ladies. Guys, we encourage you to dress up as well! You can surprise your lovely gal dressed like a fireman, a cop or maybe a sailor. Or even better, experiment with all three, and see which gets her going the most!

When you’re ready…

Remember, with role-playing, you’re only limited by your imagination, so now that you’ve got some ideas, go out and try them!

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